Feb 11, 2011


We Are Free...We Are Free. Turn on your television and see..

You do not have to be physically here, for all over the world tonight you can hear

that Egypt has risen again to stand tall, with an achievement that makes our pyramids look small

And a younger generation that shed its blood and dared for once to damn the flood

of injustices forever endured, of tyrany and hardship left uncured

So Egypt tonight you deserve to rejoice, your children stood up and made a choice

To make Freedom more than just a word and let their voices at last be heard

and promise to serve you from now on, with heads held high and resolutions strong

and backs that will bear and hours that'll be spent, to deserve this gift that heaven sent

I promise to serve you tireless and true, and to have faith in the law of the few

where some inspire and some will lead. and some will excell with God's speed

and all of us will be enthralled ...that we were here to see it all.

People of Tahrir Square Thank:

The Martyrs and Their Families

The Martyr Khaled Saeed and His Family

Wael Ghoneim and His Group

Mark Zuckerburg and Facebook

The Proud and Relentless People of the Revolution!